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Woodland Gatherings provides handcrafted, holistic products for the body, mind and soul. Woodland Gatherings also offers healing products to inspire, balance, and deepen one's personal practice.


Smudging & Spiritual


Herbals & Healing


Crystals & Candles

Inspired within the hills of upstate New York, this family owned and operated business was established to help heal the world around us one person at a time. Each individual item is developed with care for natural, healthy living.

Other services offered through our sister companies:

Abby Drew: Abby Drew offers intuitive guidance and life coaching sessions, meditation instruction/guidance, distance Reiki and energy work, and intuitive readings. Each session is tailored to the individual to support them in discovering their sacred life path, revealing their passions and purpose, removing limiting beliefs, aligning with angels and guides, and choosing a joyful life! All sessions are offered remotely over phone/video chat.

Drew Acupuncture and Wellness: Offering gentle acupuncture treatments in a beautiful country environment. Our treatment space is private, comfortable, and includes windows with gorgeous overhanging pines right outside. This sacred space is offered to create a deep healing environment as we work toward your wellness goals. 

Woodland Gatherings is available exclusively at Drew Acupuncture & Wellness Center

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